Emily Lux currently studies painting and drawing at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. A native Nebraskan she is influenced greatly by the prairie and her family. She has had several shows in Lincoln, Nebraska featuring both abstract paintings and non realist portraits sometimes including words or dreams with an emphasis on pop culture. Her most recent show was a First Friday show in the Parrish Projects featuring zine work and prints as well as embroidery. She has exhibited in places such as Tugboat Gallery, The Commons, and Spatium.

Emily is interested in using art as a vehicle of expression and social practice. Her feminist beliefs and anger at having to navigate as a woman in a world where women are still treated as second class citizens comes through in her art and is a big part of her creative process. Her art is in part about trying to find out who she is while trying to weed out the parts our saturated culture has told her she is. She creates images of celebrities as well as images of those close to her  (family, friends, and herself). In making self portraits she deals with exploring and coming to love herself, something she has had a long struggle with.